Friday, February 24, 2017

Questions for a town hall: Trump and Russia

My zipcode is 84103 and nobody paid me to say this.

I read in the “real news” that all of our intelligence agencies are positive that Russia attempted to influence our presidential election.  It’s very easy to believe that our president has a tremendous financial motive for altering U.S. policy to favor Russia.  Given that our president, among other things, has bragged on camera about grabbing women by the genitals, you should understand that it’s easy to believe that Russia has compromising material to hold over him.  In a recent interview, our president said that the U.S. and Russia had a moral equivalence, specifically in terms of killing people.  

I’m your constituent, and I think the U.S. is not morally equivalent to Russia, and that you, the congress, have an obligation to investigate and prosecute corruption no matter what the political affiliation of the perpetrator, in this case, the sitting president and his campaign and administration.  If you set up an independent investigation empowered with everything it needs to find out the truth, you might be able to restore some faith in the presidency, congress, and our democracy.  If you don’t, you’re going to go down in history for throwing democracy under the bus.

So here’s the question:  
Would you support an independent investigation of these issues and if not, why?

While you’re at it, can you make it a requirement that future presidential candidates disclose their taxes?

Also, Trump claims he doesn’t have to step away from his business by putting it in a blind trust.  If that’s so, then please change things so that future presidents have to.  If it’s not, then go ahead and impeach him - from what I read, Mike Pence was not a particularly good governor of Indiana, but at least he’d be a more stable President.


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