Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trouble ahead, trouble behind

My heart lurched as the white sports car plunged into dark waters.  From my vantage point, I could just see inside it.  Even though there was no human at risk, I had to get it out of there, and it wasn't going to be pleasant.

I moved Ben off the potty and helped him pull his Cars underwear and sweatpants up.  "Look over there!"  When he was looking the other way, I plunged my left hand into the toilet and retrieved the Matchbox racer.  I flipped the car into the sink and feverishly washed my hands (and arm up to the elbow).

Ben started potty training yesterday.  His awesome teachers have been taking him to the potty every half hour.  We're doing that at home now, too.  We've had a few successes, but we have a long way to go.  I've been encouraged (and disgusted) by my fellow blogger's efforts.

Oh -- thanks to everyone who supported Ben's school by shopping on Amazon through my links.  We raised a fair amount -- enough that I'll gladly do it again next holiday season.


  1. ugh. . . I hate that. I've taken the plunge a few times myself. My wife just did it last week.

  2. Good Luck with the potty training! I have been down that road and still on it as we are not completely bowel trained. You will need lots of patience, perseverance, and a good supply of pants and undies :)

  3. *sigh* i thought we had enough undies. got proved wrong yesterday.


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