Saturday, April 28, 2012

Groundhog day 3 get it, right?  Trying to get a blog post out is kind of like the plot of Groundhog Day.  The main character keeps waking up to the same scenario that he does over and over again, with slightly different results.  That's from memory...can't afford another distraction right now.

So...distraction number 3?  Reddit.

It's a pretty awesome social news community (or something like that)  I must warn you.  Do not follow any of these links.  They are probably not interesting to you, but if they are, they may lock out 4 hours of your life.  Each and every one of these may suck you in.

parents of disabled kids speak frankly behind anonymous accounts:
dad's shame

happier stuff:
happier parental thoughts

the reddit autism category:
autism sub-reddit

posts from real people (e.g. i am an EMT.) where the community can ask questions.

here's one from a teacher at an on-line university, will make you mad:
on-line u

today i learned..:

cool t-shirt:
neurodiversity t-shirt:

the comments about that shirt made me google "what's wrong with autism speaks"

The results blew my mind just a little.

Nothing is black and white. 

Oh crap, Ben just got into the freezer.  BRB.

Edit:  Ok, some things are black and white:

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