Sunday, August 12, 2012

slippin' and a slidin'

Lovely Wife left on Thursday for the annual "Women's River Trip".  "Baching it" can be fun -- just me and the boys eating unhealthy food and having too much videogames and TV.  Personally, I managed to watch an entire season of Breaking Bad.

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Here was our menu:
Ben making a break for it.

Thursday:  take-out Chinese from that place that is not so great, but is cheap and fast and has wicked good eggrolls

Friday:  Burgers and fries (in the deep-frier, not sissy oven fries) and onion rings (and chicken nuggets for the Ben).

Saturday:  beef tacos and chips and guac.  We took a cue from Uncle J and got the fixin's from the health food store.  Grass-fed beef es mas macho.

I know what you're thinking, but we did work in some pizza at lunch time...TWICE.  Little Caesars is lame, but $5?

Tonight we're having healthy-er stuff, 'cause Lovely Wife is supposed to be home tonight and might want some.  I just got a text a few minutes ago, letting me know they have left Green River and are on their way home.
OK...I'm back, just stepped away to make the potatoes -- roasted with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (and salt and pepper).  It's pretty good, and the recipe is really easy to remember for some reason.

The rest of dinner will be squash, asparagus, and German sausage (we are still baching it).

We had some good times:
Stay on the trail, Ben!
  • Bubba accompanied us to the park for Ben's speech therapy session with the best therapist ever.  He was awesome and helped out quite a bit.  
  • At home, we hooked up the slip and slide and good times were had by all.  
  • We went on lots of walkabouts, with and without the dog.  
  • Fortunately, dog was not along for the trip where we came across the snake.  
  • We also found a new playground not too far from our house.  
  • Ben got some awesome hand-me-down toys after Bubba cleaned his room.

I will say that "bachin' it" and eating bad foods is not quite the same when you have to change your fellow bachelor's diaper.

Addendum:  I haven't been very internet-active lately, mostly because it's summer time and the boys are out of school.  Guess what?!  School starts a week from Tuesday!   Huzzah.

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