Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things that make you go, "hmmm"

sometimes, curvy is calming
Last Monday, I got a chance to speak with Utah Representative Mike Noel about HB69, which would make it so that insurance companies would be required to cover people with autism.  He was nice, listened to our concerns and said thoughtful, intelligent things.

At one point in the conversation, Lauren (UAC intern) mentioned Temple Grandin.  Representative Noel didn't bat an eye...he started talking about curved cattle moving equipment  Representative Noel is a cattle rancher, and to him, Temple Grandin designs innovative cattle stuff.

Lauren said, "You know... Temple Grandin has autism."  Representative Noel and his intern expressed surprise.  I felt a little tingly thing in my brain that might have been a stroke, but I can still move my fingers and toes as well as I could before, so probably not.

A little part of me thinks Representative Noel was just pulling my leg (he seems a clever fellow).  The romantic part of me thinks about how cool it would be if my own autistic kid would someday be noteworthy for being the best at something.

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