Friday, February 24, 2012

Yes, I have seen your blue frog, and it's over there.

Whaling captain (wife is much hotter)
My wife is amazing.  When she's on her game, she always has an answer.  She has good instincts too, so her off-the-cuff answers are probably 90% correct.  Her charisma and chutzpah let her bull her way past the other 10%.  This makes her a most excellent sailing captain (and attorney).  Not surprisingly, she's a descendant of a whaling captain who discovered Antarctica.

Apparently, Ben has inherited some of these traits. 

We went to Laird Park today.  I love Laird Park for a couple of reasons.  One is that their play structure has only 2 parts to it that can cause serious injury to Ben, and I feel like I can cover them both.  The other reason is that the users of Laird Park leave lots of toys there - lots of trucks and digging things.  It's like an honor code park.  Pretty nice.
The ladies by the tree in the background are discussing "dryness".

About those traits...a young red-headed girl (3 or 3 1/2) approached Ben and with great drama, said "Have you seen my blue frog?"  Ben will always answer questions like this, and I think he really wanted to help this girl and her curly mop o' hair.  This time, he said, "Yes!" with great vigor.  She was surprised I think and became quite excited.  She asked, "Where?  Where did you see my blue frog?"  With great confidence, Ben pointed over her left shoulder.

I'm pretty sure Ben had no idea what the heck she was talking about.  He did, however, know how to answer questions with enthusiasm.  We'll work on accuracy later.

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