Saturday, March 3, 2012

wash that kid

You know how parking police mark cars with chalk to keep track of how long they've been parked?  I'm pretty sure Ben's teachers do that to make sure we're bathing him regularly.

I don't mind -- I need the motivation.  Giving Ben a bath usually means I will get pretty soaked myself.  Tub poops are a rare occurrence, but they're memorable.

We do try to give him regular is a good ritual for bedtime.  That and brushing teeth...yikes.

my feet are freezing, but I don't care a bit.
That picture was from earlier in the week.  We went walkabout today for several hours.  We had a big snow recently and it's warmed up since then.  This made for many puddles in which to stomp.

Sadly, Ben did not want to wear his snowboots on this jaunt, so his school shoes are quite soaked.   Also sadly, he took a fall while I was talking to Grandma on the phone.  He loooves to stomp on ice, but that stuff is slippery.  He wound up falling and smacking his face on some rough ice.  Ouch.

Sigh.  If you'd like to see some well-scrubbed kids with no injuries, check out my favorite blogger.  They're prepping for the Olympics over there, and it's a cute-fest.


  1. Haha - maybe that is what my boy's school is doing. He came home from school and his stomach and even belly button were covered in markers. Not entirely sure how that happened when it is supposed to be a really well supervised school...

  2. Lily drenches me when I bathe her, but she's an every other day bath taker. She just smells so darn CUTE it's hard not to give her baths (and receive them in turn) daily.

    I won't even say the last time Lily pooped in the tub for fear of jinxing it.

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  3. Also. . . you've received the 'coveted' "Tell Me About Yourself" award, which, although it doesn't SOUND like a great honor, sooooo totally is. You must read and comply or face the wrath of the interwebz:

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