Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good sunrise.

Castle Valley Sunrise
I'm a bit dense this week.  I think it's the spring allergy season kicking in.  That and Ben has been having some sleep issues.

I had a post pretty much ready to go, but managed to delete it.  Darn.  I say, "Darn," but I really mean something stronger.  When you only get to write every now and again, losing a post is a blow.

Alright then, nothin' to be done except to move on.

F is for friend
The deceased post was about a weekend we spent in southern Utah in a cabin.  We were there so that Lovely Wife could run in a half-marathon, and we stayed with 3 other couples and 4 other kids.

It was a really fun time.  The thing that struck me most was the importance of friends, for both kids and grown-ups.

One of the boys there is 9 months or so younger than Ben.  He's neurotypical, so he was talking a mile a minute and following Bubba around.  For at least part of the time, Ben latched on to that samba line and was actually, kind of, in a way, playing with another kid.  It may not seem like much, but historically, Ben completely ignores other kids, treating them like inanimate objects.  Hearing Ben actually say something to "C" and getting a response...priceless.  This was a win.


Here's to friends for grown-ups.  When you have a special needs kid, it can be really hard to maintain your friendships with other adults.  When you go to someone else's house, you have to spend 90% of your attention wrangling your kid.

Staying in a cabin with us (or camping, or whatever) is not the same as with typical families.  One of us grown-ups is devoted to the special kid.  The other one may be able to handle everything else, but it's definitely not as easy as hanging out with typical folks.  So...thanks...thanks for hanging out with us.  It means a ton.  It's very easy to get isolated and go days without speaking to an adult (like when LW is on a bidness trip).  BTW, LW is away on a trip right now!

And when you ask me "how's it going?' and I unload the pure and unadulterated agony of failure from the Utah legislature... thanks for not running away (this means you, John V).

Anyway, I've got a dozen things buzzing away in my brain right now, and there's no way to put them into a decent blog post, I'll just have to purge that stuff I guess.  I do have to tell y'all that there's a new study published about the incidence of autism.  Utah is winning!


  1. Hate losing them. . . especially in midstream. SOOOOoooo frustrating.

    Looks like a good time. One of the things I miss most about living out near the Rockies is the sunsets.

  2. I typed a comment on this post, entered the two nonsense words and clicked publish, but Google ate it. Argh!

    1. someone once told me that you should copy and paste everything you comment because of that stupid captcha app. I was SO PISSED at that person, because it came AFTER I published and lost the comment, and i damn well KNEW that's what i should have done. So let me pass the advice along to you. . . next time copy and paste.

      And JON. . . TURN OFF CAPTCHA!!!! DOOO EET!!

  3. What I meant to say before Google ate my comment was that I understand how difficult it is to visit with friends and family when our spectrum kids require an adult's full attention. For several years, it hardly seemed worth it. Because visits were exhausting, we made them short, few, and far between. This meant drifting away from friends and family, who were also our only support. Now that GL is fifteen and his meds are working properly, he only requires about the same attention as the average five year old, unless he gets overloaded. We are working at rebuilding friendships and family connections.

  4. Jon. . . you should turn off captcha. Honest.

    The funniest part is I just finished a tongue-in-cheek lecture to Papa Bear on copying and pasting before posting comments when people have captcha, because you run the risk of losing comments. . . and how pissed I was because someone gave me that advice after I lost a comment and OF COURSE that's what i did, and how I wasn't super appreciative of the post mortem advice. . .

    And then I hit enter. . . and NO SHIT didn't copy. . . and your friggin' captcha blew up my damn comment!!

    Spread the word to end the word. . . and by that I mean the word "Captcha". *copies and pastes*

  5. i hate captcha. it's like trying to guess a "draw something" pic done by a drunk driver. *phbllllt* hopefully it's off now.

    thanks, y'all,


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