Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Planes! Big! Fast! Yea!

Bubba teaching Ben to salute in front of the SR-71
This past Monday, neither boy had school (teacher work-days), so we headed up to the Hill AFB Museum in Ogden.

My niece's dad was in town, so we brought him along for some airplane-viewing fun.

I don't have any deep insights or clever commentary about the trip, but it was fun and I thought I'd share some pictures with y'all.

There are some great things about the AFB museum:
  • it's very rarely crowded
  • it's not too far away (<45 minutes)
  • it's free
  • there's lots of walking, indoors and out
  • the planes are amazing and capture everybody's attention
  • it's a great place to discuss modern history

Ben in front of a Stratofortress, makes me think of Dr. Strangelove
On trips to this museum, Bubba and I have talked about WWI, II, Vietnam, and Korea.  We talked about spaceflight and nuclear weapons and growing up with the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction.  We've talked about Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We've talked about aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.  Hmmm, I guess it was mostly me talking, but he listened happily.

Ben loves to look at the swoopy shapes of the fighters and seems a little awed by the gigantic transports and bombers.  It's not too hard to keep him on the right side of the fences.
More lens flare than J.J. Abrams

 Anyway, it was a great field trip.  What are your favorite places to take your kiddos?


  1. Tracy Aviary. Love the birds, the fresh air, the picnic spaces . . . and the shade in the summer!

  2. I've been following your blog for a while now, and in yesterday's post on Autism Dad Blogs, I linked it, along with some others. Take a look:


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