Thursday, November 24, 2011

I did it!

It's Thanksgiving morning.  While my dear wife rocks the kitchen, preparing a feast, I head to the back yard with the boys to rake leaves.  As I do it, I think about what to post next.  Should I talk about holidays with a kid on the spectrum (this lady did a pretty good job)?  Should I talk about how mundane tasks like raking leaves can take forever or just not get done?  I should definitely encourage people to enjoy the little moments like how Ben will lie on his back and watch falling leaves. 

While I'm ruminating on this, I hear a rushing noise.  My heart skips a beat...Ben's on his trike and is zooming down the hill all by himself.  No back-up.  This has never ended well. 

There's nothing to be done, I can't get there in time.  It's not a big hill, just a roll in the earth where the Wasatch Fault passes through our back yard.  Still, we've had lots of wipe-outs there and don't really need another trip to the ER.

With a huge smile on his face, he rolls to a stop.  "I DID IT!" he shouts.  Older brother and I look at each other and bust out laughing.  Wow.

For the next hour, he repeats his performance.  Bubba joins in on his old bike, racing with him.  Ben learns to push the trike back up the hill without getting frustrated.  Wife and I hug and watch them through the window.

Best Thanksgiving ever, and we haven't eaten yet.


  1. Hey, Jon! I want to spread the word, do you have a more prominent Amazon link on the page?

  2. i don't, but will make one tomorrow while ben's in school. the link at the bottom of each page would work right now, but i'll try to snazz. it up. thanks, mate. i must say again that your punkin pie rocked. -j

  3. there now, that ought to do it!


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