Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wash hair!

Ben loooves to "go walkabout".  This means we amble through our neighborhood, sometimes pushing a broken pink toy stroller (yea, I'm confident in my masculinity) and walking on top of walls.  I think he gets a lot out of this -- exercise, practicing his balance, pushing something.   When we do this in the afternoon, he usually sleeps well that night.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, we went walkabout and he got ahead of himself and fell, scraping his hands.  He was upset and it was time to head back, so I put him on my shoulders and we headed for home.  A little galloping got him back into a good mood.  Just as we got to our driveway, this happened:

Ben says loudly:  "Wash hair!"  
Me, perplexed:  "Huh?"

Ben spits enthusiastically on my head and proceeds to rub it into my hair with great vigor.

Since then, he's attempted this with others, but since he's usually not riding them and announces his attempt, they've managed to avoid it.  I wear a hat.

Tip o' the day:

If shampoo getting in your kid's face is an issue, try one of these:

We haven't used it ourselves, but some of the parents at the life skills seminar said they work.

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