Friday, November 18, 2011

A joke for ya

Little Timmy was five years old and had not spoken.  His mother had taken him to all kinds of therapists and doctors and nobody had an answer as to why.

One morning, she was making his breakfast and overdid the toast.  Being in a hurry, she buttered it and put it on his plate.

Timmy made a face and announced, clear as a bell, "This toast is burnt!"

His mother was astonished.  "Timmy!" she said, "You can talk!  In complete sentences!  Why haven't you done it before now?!"

Timmy calmly said, "Everything's been fine up to now."

I find that funny, but there are some grains of truth in it.  For instance, some Asperger's kids talk early (little professors), but some talk late, and when they do, they sometimes start out with complete sentences.

Also, one speech therapist we visited recommended making our son ask for things, even if it gets frustrating for him.  Being parents, we often know what our kids want or expect without asking.  It can help get speech going to drag your feet a little and make them use their words.

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